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How to Clean a 'Green' Algae-Filled Swimming Pool

Posted - 04/13/2012

An algae filled swimming pool can be a real eye sore. In most cases, algae will grow if the pools chlorine levels drop below acceptable levels. This is a more common problem during times of heavy rain. When you first notice algae growth, treat as soon as possible to prevent a larger problem. Remember, algae also grows in winter months. Make sure to remove your pools cover at least every two weeks to check for a potential problem.

To begin the process of removing green algae, check the chlorine level of the water. The chlorine level should fall in the 7.5 range. If levels are low, add more chlorine until the levels fall into an acceptable range. Once levels have risen, use a brush to scrub the pools floor and walls. The algae should come off fairly easy. You will also went to check that your pool filter is functioning properly. Consider changing the filter before scrubbing the pool down.

Your next step involves adding chemicals. For green algae, a good pool shock should be added. An algaecide can be used to prevent future growth. After chemicals are applied, run your pools pump for no less than 24 hours. For stubborn algae growth, call a professional swimming pool sales and installation company to assist you.
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